The Teapot Project

In partnership with Recreation Sites and Trails BC, ROCK ED Backcountry Society has adopted Teapot Mountain, in hopes to restore it as close as possible to its natural form, while providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all users of the mountain.

In it’s current state, Teapot Mountain is at risk of closure due to safety, sanitary and environmental concerns.

Listen to the CBC Daybreak North interview here featuring a quote regarding the concerns from Recreation Sites and Trails BC –> Teapot Mountain

We need your help.

By actively participating in Leave No Trace principles, you can help reduce the affects over-tourism has had on Teapot Mountain. The trail at Teapot was not designed to see as much traffic as it does, and is now in need of rehabilitation and enhancement to allow users to continue to visit this incredible place for years to come. Fencing and other safety items installed on the mountain have been destroyed or removed after hundreds of dollars and several volunteer hours were spent ensuring Teapot was a safe place for everyone.

Teapot Mountain is not a china cabinet.

Over the years, teapots have found there way to the top of Teapot Mountain. While they dress up the area and provide a unique view, what many are not seeing is what happens after they leave a teapot at the site.

Teapots crack when the weather changes. They are sometimes left in places posing risks to users. Some have been found right in the middle of the trails, while others being placed on tree branches. There are several reports of people stepping on the teapots. #TeapotsAreForTableTopsNotMountainTops

Hikers are not the only users of Teapot Mountain.

What many do not know is below the main viewing area are established rock climbing routes. There have been several reports of climbers and their belay buddies being almost struck by falling teapots from above.

Many of the broken teapots end up in the climbing zone below, where climbers are placing their hands to send the challenging routes unseen above, creating an additional risk of injury.


You can help support The Teapot Project by becoming a member of ROCK ED. Your membership fees allow us to do the work we are doing and advocate the importance of sustainable and responsible adventure tourism. Members are able to volunteer in all ROCK ED initiatives, including the much needed work that will be occurring at Teapot Mountain over the next couple of years.

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