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We are ROCK ED.

We are ROCK ED.

Together, we can make
a difference.

Who We Are

We are a team of like-minded, inspired and motivated individuals that came together to achieve one greater purpose.

We are educators, advocates, and adventurers with a passion for discovery and desire to see all the things.

We are dedicated to ensuring the trails, the rock and the water in which we travel continue to be used in a sustainable, ethical and responsible way.

Our Future

Our goal is to develop and lead programs, guided nature walks, hikes and trips to provide education, awareness and hands on training regarding sustainable tourism, the 3Rs, Leave No Trace and fire management to all user groups of the backcountry.

We will organize volunteer events to clean up trail systems, sites and any other areas used by adventure tourism. We are working in partnership agreements to help provide important and critical maintenance to provincial recreation sites and trail systems.

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ROCK ED Backcountry Society
Operating out of Prince George, BC CANADA

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